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Read more about ClickTime. VeriClock is a web-based time clock that works with any phone or computer. It greatly improves productivity and efficiency and reduces payroll costs and effort. Read more about VeriClock. Advance Systems Inc. Read more about Advance Systems Inc. Recover lost revenue and save money by automatically tracking time with HiveDesk.

Track time and monitor productivity through web app. Build trust with clients and provide constructive feedback to employees with automatic screenshots. Reduce billing and payment errors with automatic timesheets. Read more about HiveDesk. Using the Timesheet module provides straightforward, web-based time tracking for hourly employees. Physical Time Clock's are also available. Read more about TimeOut. Read more about Caretime. BiznusSoft HR. Exercise better control over workforce absenteeism, improve time discipline, and prevent stressful attendance management issues.

Read more about BiznusSoft HR. TrackingTime is a cloud-based time tracking platform for business teams that allows you to track, analyze and organize your most valuable resource: time. Read more about TrackingTime. Ensure the right people are doing the right things at the right time with automated clocking and free up administrative time by streamlining leave requests. Read more about Workzoom. Clear all filters. Filter by. Compare now. Remove all.

Why GetApp is Free. Both new and existing users can sign in with LinkedIn. By proceeding, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It captures information from your activity across several devices and allocates time to specific tasks based on sites visited, files worked on, software used and so on.

Timely removes the dependency on manual input. It captures billable activity across several devices and creates user-friendly timesheets. It also captures tasks that are unreported like client meetings, client calls, any other digital communication or travel. It captures activity on browsers, mobile calls, meetings and calendar events. Timely helps you to track your budget, generate custom reports, mark your billed projects, team capacity and activity feed.

It also shows you how your employees spend their time in a single dashboard. TopTracker is built for freelancers, remote teams and individuals for tracking time along with automatic screenshots as a proof-of-progress. It also provides activity level tracking and full privacy for freelancers like blurred screenshots, etc.

It is developed by Toptal , an exclusive network of freelance developers, designers and finance experts. The web app can be operated on any device like desktop, mobiles and tablets.

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Operating and switching between platforms or devices is seamless, if you need to. EverHour is a feature-rich web-based time tracking tool with reporting, budgeting, invoicing and payroll management functionalities. You can easily keep track of all projects and all team members from its dashboard, along with access to individual projects or tasks of particular team members. This helps you to plan ahead.

Project billing, hourly billing and online invoicing in multiple currencies is available in EverHour. In EverHour you can stop the timer for an employee if you want and send them a notification email. You can also lock the time editing feature after a certain period of time. Integration with Slack and various accounting tools like Xero, Quickbooks, Freshbooks is also available.

Mac Time Tracker

Harvest is among the most straightforward time tracking software for solo freelancers or agencies. Harvest will simplify tracking your team members activity and project progress on the go. Its invoicing feature will allow you to generate invoices as per billable hours and receive payments through Paypal or Stripe. Its dashboard syncs across devices and web-apps seamlessly so that you can switch between devices easily.

Setting up multiple billing rates, billable hours tracking, expense tracking and invoice processing helps you stay aligned and on track with different clients. Harvest has a huge list of integration options including CRM and communication tools, project management tools, finance and accounting software, productivity tools, developer tools, analytics tools and a variety of other tools.

Harvest offers a free plan for a single user with a maximum of two projects and with limited features. Best suited for: Individuals, freelancers and agencies with more than two team members and SMBs. Paymo is primarily a project management tool, but it also has integrated time tracking as well as other features such as collaboration and invoicing. It also provides a client dashboard making it simple for your clients to track progress on their projects and milestones.


In addition to manual time tracking, Paymo also offers automatic time tracking using a desktop app called PaymoPlus for Windows and Mac. They also provide an API so that you can build your own custom software application and connect with other apps. It has an automatic time tracking with a calendar integration feature. Timecamp provides you various features like a graphical timesheet, powerful reports, productivity analysis, weekly summary email, goal tracking, ability to add sub-tasks, time spent on documents, offline activity tracking, detailed activity history of your team member and attendance analysis.

Timecamp offers a free plan for a single user which is best for freelancers. It supports time tracking for multiple projects simultaneously and you can bill several customers. The desktop app has several features whereas the mobile app is just meant for tracking time and basic reports. Depending on the pricing plan you choose, Toggl also offers various other features such as Bulk edit, Adding time manually, Keyboard tracker, Locking time entries, Exporting your Weekly data and detailed summary reports in PDF, CSV XLS, getting reports directly in your email, Project time estimates, Alerts for estimates, Sub-project and marking you projects in different colors for unlimited projects and clients, etc.

Toggl offers different pricing models depending upon your need and team sizes with Monthly and Annual plans. With three different pricing plans — Starter, Premium and Enterprise plans, you can avail different features.


13 Tools For Time-Tracking on Mac

Timeneye is a simple and time tracking tool for both freelancers and teams offering automated as well as manual tracking. Its easy-to-use interface helps you keep your timeline organized and boost your productivity. Others track their time to have an accounting of how long different tasks take or to make sure that a flat-rate project doesn't cost more money to complete than it brings in. Regardless of why you record your time, running a time tracking app while your tasks are in progress is the most accurate way to do it.

After considering more than 40 apps, we found the 10 best time trackers for freelancers and small businesses—although you can also use these for personal time tracking as well. Here's a summary, with more information below about how we picked them and details about what makes each app shine.

Editor's Note: Originally published in July and written by Sean Kennedy, this post has been rewritten to focus on the 10 best time trackers today, with fresh descriptions and updated details. Tracking time as you work results in more accurate invoices than estimating time worked after the fact. Having a higher degree of accuracy creates trust for your clients, too, but it also benefits the business. When you know how you spend your time with high accuracy, you can analyze it and make smarter business decisions as a result. There are several excellent apps that can help you get started.


Nearly all time tracking apps let you record time on task in real time, meaning they give you a running clock that you launch when you start a task, and you can pause or stop the app when you finish. The best apps, however, also let you correct time tracked after the fact, such as if you accidentally leave a timer running while you take off for lunch. You should be able to edit the time entry to subtract however many minutes you weren't working.

You also want an app that lets you enter a block of time post hoc in case you forget to launch a timer at all.

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For example, if your phone rings and you jump into a minute consulting call, you might not have the presence of mind to start a timer, but you do want to log and bill for those hours worked. Not every business charges by the hour, of course. If you charge a flat rate for projects, you likely need a time tracking app that can warn you before you spend too much time on a task and its value decreases.

Some of the best time tracking apps for freelancers and small businesses are designed with solo entrepreneurs in mind, although many have functionality for tracking time across small teams, too. Does everyone of your colleagues charge the same hourly rate? How will you manage an invoice that lists multiple workers? A few of the best time tracking apps have plenty of options to help guide you through these questions and others. Time tracking apps can have more functionality, too.