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In this example, one quiz came up, and it was exactly what I was looking for. Their Learning Centre provides tutorials to help you get started on the step-by-step process. In my case, I updated the images, colours, and some of the copy to better fit my brand and audience. Below is a screenshot of some of the style changes made. Interact offers many ways to share your quiz from embedding it on your site to creating a pop up to setting it up as a Facebook ad, and more. First, I created a dedicated blog post with my wedding quiz so that I could easily drive people to it from Pinterest.

That way, people would end up on my site and would be more likely to check out other relevant content.

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I also linked relevant blog posts in that article. Second, I added an announcement bar to the top of my website calling out the quiz, which was easy to set up through the Interact Plugin for WordPress. Third, I tried out Facebook ads with the quiz. I set it up where I paid for impressions vs. But I ended up not getting any clicks because of this approach.

I may try again in the future. Last, I embedded the quiz in relevant posts like this one. The timing was perfect since that was my most trafficked post for a few days, and I was able to take advantage of the traffic boost by converting visitors into email subscribers. My experience working with Interact Quiz Builder over the last year has been fantastic.

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First, their quizzes are incredibly easy to build, and I love having the ability to leveraging an existing quiz or make my own. I was able to customize a quiz on my own and found the overall interface to be intuitive.

Second, integrating the software with my email provider, MailerLite, was a breeze. In a few clicks, everything was set up and I was able to start collecting leads.

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And third, their support is wonderful. They have demo calls twice a week to show you how to build a quiz, and tons of online resources that you can access at any time. In summary, creating a wedding quiz or a quiz of any type! Skip to content Kate Irwin 6 min read. How many SDN programming languages should I know?

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Dear Ali You've most probably confused the Hub device lower right area with a Switch, which is why you're counting 12 collision domains. As explained in the answer section of question No. Hope this helps clear things up! I used to think I know something in ccna,but I release now that,knowing something is not enough. I worked for cisco, and I agree.. Very good question list and it is very helpful for the person preparing for the CCNP exam.

Thank you.

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Question 7 has two correct answers. Q6 In the network diagram above, which path will packets take when travelling from host In my opinion, the prefix Question 4 seems confusing to me. The writer of this blog is really very professional. Every single line of this article is well written. I am thankful to this blog giving unique and helpful knowledge about Cisco CCNA exam questions, I read your blog now share great information here. This blog increase my knowledge source.

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