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I remembering feeling slightly disappointed because of the infamy of the G5 Powermacs and that if it is, indeed, garbage and non-working, I wouldn't be able to part the parts for my own working Mac Pro 5,1 at home. At the same time, I was thrilled because as infamous as the G5 was, it was also famous for being infamous, if you know what I mean.

In fact, the last time I saw a Powermac G5 was when I was a lot younger than I man now, 18 years younger, in fact, in when I worked for a reality-TV production company as a production assistant. And, as everyone knows, the bread and butter of reality-TV shows is to make fame mundane.

The Power Mac G5 is one of Apple's best designs | Macworld

Or, make the mundane seem famous. Anyway, a Powermac G5 showed up in the office one day and a couple IT guys were working on the machine. I remember it because there was only one at the time. They must have been testing it on whether they can use it for Avid since that was the company's NLE of choice at the time.

Months later, and as the company moved to a bigger office, every editing suite had one of these silver cheesegrater-looking towers. But, here it was But, should I even bother? It's But, the nostalgia And, it did get me A cord that is different than any power cords I had laying around. It's so different that finding it is a bish! So, I went online to find a cord that was at a more reasonable price. It is on its way. And, the price was still unreasonably pricey. But, it is what it is.

I don't even know if the computer works But, if it does work, what do you guys do with your Powermac G5? So, will this post be deleted for even talking about the Powermac G5 in a Mac Pro section? Last edited: Jul 3, Expobill Suspended. May 30, 1, There could be a Rolls Royce gleaming in the sun, growing ivy in junk yard I stare at my power iMac g4 wondering the same thing. Is the effort worth the fruits of labor?

Have fun, spend some, not a lot! Expobill said:.

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TheStork macrumors Dec 28, Reactions: jbarley and AphoticD. TheStork said:. Sep 23, 4, 5, Reactions: barmann. Zeke D macrumors Nov 18, 1, Arizona. Reactions: green Zeke D said:. I have an old PM G5, I think it was the dual 2.

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This particular model contains a 2. The guide will underline this particular model, but future models should follow similar guidelines. Help Translate iFixit. Power Mac G5 Repair. Written By: Matthew Newsom and 8 other contributors. Create a Guide I Have This. Do you know which kind you have? Front Fan Assembly. Graphics Card. Hard Drive. I never realized how slow they were until i was getting better framerates on a macbook air than that XW with a GTX was. I have a XW that I used before getting the Z I can easily recommend any of the Z series.

Even the Z and Z if you can get them cheap enough although for the Z you might as well get the HP Elite or as they are very similar. It is a really great small form factor PC. And while you can build your system with skyscraper like massive fan and fin coolers, liquid AIO all in one CPU coolers make it easy to move heat from the middle of the motherboard to the outside edge of the case. Of course, if you choke down the air intakes with tempered glass for aesthetic purposes, your cooling will, for lack of a better term, suck.

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However, the cheesegrater Mac Pro, properly decked out, is still a great machine which can still rival and in some cases surpass more modern Macs. The ability for it to house multiple optical drives and multiple big spinning hard disks in addition to PCIe cards makes it a unique and special Mac. I have five of them that I picked up several years ago saved from the garbage. They do look fantastic though. A G5 running Leopard which one can make the argument that Mac OS X went downhill from there is a great machine for a lot of content creation and some basic web browsing with TenFourFox.

I run and blog some about my 2. There is still a solid PPC community sharing tips and figuring out how to hack around Dropbox to keep it working and make use of other things. Having briefly owned a era Mac Pro, I can say that Apple reached the pinnacle of good workstation design with that tower. Not a single tool is necessary to add or change components, and it is virtually silent even at full throttle, compared to any other workstation on the market at the time.

Singularity[1] has some nice hardware for approaching what I would consider a good custom build, and they have a partner in the Netherlands Highflow , you may want to check them out.

Performance sucks from todays point. Wish I had not brought an early one when they were new! A 4,1 or so would be so much more usable today, …. I enjoy turning on my maxed out 1.

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The Mac was the better built and more beautiful machine, and more expandable, but the Lenovo was much, much faster in Windows and Linux. They were great. I had one of these. It was powerful, but not as powerful as an equivalent Intel system, and this was only because of MacOS X design faults. The warning sticker inside the case that states that moisture appearing inside the case is not normal made me laugh.

PowerPCs were fine. PowerPC were not fine for what Apple wanted to primarily use the processors in, high performance and low power consumption machines… laptops. I think the shift to Intel would have happened regardless, especially because of the problems they were having designing a G5-based laptop.

They just ran too hot and drew too much power at the time—a real pity, when I was able to squeeze 13 hours of battery life out of my iBook G4 nothing in the Intel market could beat that at the time. Seriously, you pay me shipping and I will ship you one. I have a fully functional one in very good condition in my storage building.

Would love to get rid of it but have no wanted to toss it. Is this an offer to Thom or an open to everybody one? If open one — in what part of the world is said storage building? If the case is well designed WRT airflow. It has 3 mm fans and 1 mm fan and paired with a good Zalman air cooler even when I flipped the turbo button on my board which OCed my FXe to 4. Edited UTC.