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The vintage and mainframe computers will be a great treasure to you if you are an Apple fan and a lover of all things old. You can choose from the wide range of the computers and mainframes, as well as the vintage computer accessories available.

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The screen of an Apple vintage computer or mainframe protrudes forward and has a wide lip rim around. Most of the computers are desktops but there are also vintage apple laptops, suitable for those who want to carry the device around. The Apple vintage computers feature the trademark Apple logo. Apple has been known to be produce cutting edge technology products since time immemorial.

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Most of the vintage Apple computers function to date, so you can still operate some of the software or play old games for the thrill it brings. You can purchase the non-functional computers or mainframes as collectibles. Skip to main content. Filter 1. Sort: Best Match.

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Got one to sell? Make an Offer. Apple Macintosh SE. Apple II Plus. Apple Macintosh plus. Commodore Vintage Computer Parts Amiga Vintage Computers and Main Apple Macintosh Vintage Computer Apple Vintage Computing Manuals Apple Vintage Computers and Mainframes The first Apple computer was created in and the following year, Apple was incorporated as a company.

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How are the Apple vintage computers and mainframes designed? Are the Apple vintage computers and mainframes still functioning?

What are some of the series of Apple vintage computers and mainframes? Apple II - This is the second series of computers that featured an expanded architectural design. These Mac computers, introduced in , were the first to feature a graphic user interface. Shop by Category.

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Dave 2D here. Well, when they did the announcement Apple just held today their second In stock used items only, no special orders.

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